Open to: PhD students teaching own class (IORs)
Credit: 1, credit/no credit
Instructor: Hugh Crumley, PhD
Offered: Instructor consent required.

This seminar is for graduate students who are teaching their own college-level course as instructor of record (IOR.) It is open to all Duke graduate students in teaching as IOR at any institution, including and beyond Duke. It is meant to be taken in the same term that you teach your course and serve to support your professional development as a reflective, collegial instructor. It can be taken while continuing to engage in research or work on a dissertation and should not interfere with the timely completion of any of these. It should, in fact, help you use your time more efficiently as you balance your research and teaching responsibilities, which should also serve your undergraduate students better. 

Course Objectives

1. Set and assess goals (before and after term, respectively): what do you want to have completed by the end of the term? Possible goals might include an updated syllabus, a teaching video, an updated teaching statement/portfolio featuring course experience, development of a workshop for other instructors on specific aspect explored in the seminar, etc. 

2. Review teaching resources available for instructors. At Duke, this might include the Libraries, DLI, ARC, REACH, CGSD, etc. 

3. Regularly share and discuss ongoing progress and/or issues. You should treat this class as brain trust / advisory board / support network of colleagues who can advise and discuss the details and concerns of teaching one’s own course.

4. Engage in mutual teaching observations in second half of term.

5. Explore topics of interest as decided by the group. This might include things like: 

  • Navigating imposter syndrome
  • Anti-racist classroom practices
  • Creating a teaching video
  • Course evaluations
  • Adapting new technologies 

6. Contribute professional service to the teaching community at Duke during or after your IOR experience. This might include things like:

  • Participating as panelist or co-facilitator at teaching workshop or event; 
  • Developing and sharing teaching materials; 
  • Visiting CCT courses to talk to share experiences with early year PhD students; or
  • Writing TGS blog post about IOR experience

More information:

Contact CCT program director: Dr. Hugh Crumley