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CCT participants should successfully complete two courses in college teaching. This can include any combination of Graduate School or discipline-specific pedagogy courses offered by a department or program.

You can complete the coursework requirement at any time before graduation. Ideally, you would take the courses immediately before or in conjunction with your teaching experience. Each semester, students can request permission numbers for GS classes in the following term using an online form (via the CCT listserv) that helps program administrators prioritize and distribute them. There are limited number of permission numbers for each class, and when they are all given out, the class is full. Duke Hub may not reflect this, and there may appear to be open seats in classes that are, in fact, full with a waitlist. Most classes typically fill up, so the best way to get a class is to reply promptly to the CCT listserv announcement that provides the link to request permission numbers. This announcement usually goes out in March (for the following fall) and October (for the following spring.)

Graduate Studies Courses

Departmental Pedagogy Courses

  • AAAS 780S: Teaching Race, Teaching Gender (crosslisted in WOMENST, HIST, LIT)
  • BIO 705S: Seminar in Teaching College Biology
  • ENG 890S: 21st Century Literacies: Digital Knowledge, Digital Humanities (crosslisted in ISIS)
  • ENG 996 Teaching College English
  • ENV 737: Environmental Education and Interpretation
  • ENV 865SA Teaching and Course Design (DUML)
  • GERMAN 700S: Foreign Language Pedagogy: Theories and Practices
  • HIST 703S: Focusing on Teaching and Pedagogy
  • ISIS 640: History and Future of Higher Education
  • MATH 771S: Teaching College Mathematics
  • NURSING 543: Facilitating Student Learning (online)
  • NURSING 545: Integrating Technology into Nursing Education (online)
  • NURSING 546: Innovative Curriculum Development in Nursing (online)
  • NURSING 547: Educational Program Evaluation and Accreditation (online)
  • NURSING 548: Test Construction and Item Analysis (online)
  • NURSING 549: Using Qualitative Assessment and Evaluation Strategies (online)
  • NURSING 550: Role of the Nurse Educator: Issues and Challenges (online)
  • PHILOSOPHY 795S: Teaching Philosophy
  • POLISCI 790: Teaching Politics
  • PSY 601S: Psychology Teaching Seminar
  • PSY 603S: Teachers as Scientists: Research in the Classroom
  • RELIGION 996S: Teaching in Religion 
  • RELIGION 885: The Study of Asian Religions (UNC)
  • ROMST 700: Theories and Techniques of Teaching Foreign Languages
  • RUSSIAN 714: Methods in Teaching Russian
  • STA 790.04: Special Topics (Teaching Statistics)
  • WOMENST 320: The Pedagogy of Women's Studies