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Bass Online Apprentice Fellowships

Online technologies are playing a rapidly increasing role in college and university instruction. Many of our graduate students see online teaching as an inevitable part of their future academic world and have expressed great interest in training that will allow them to understand and exploit online teaching technologies. The Bass Online Apprentice Fellowships helps meet that need.

The Bass OA Fellowships includes two key components

  • A course on the design and issues in online and hybrid higher education (GS 762: Online College Teaching, which must be completed prior to the start of the Bass OA
  • Practical opportunities to develop skills and gain direct experience by apprenticing for a term with Duke faculty and Duke Learning Innovation staff who are engaged in innovative online teaching practices.

This fellowship includes financial support from The Graduate School during the term that the apprenticeship (not the GS 762 course) occurs.

Online Apprenticeship in CIT

As a Bass Online Apprentice, you would work on a CIT project under the supervision of CIT staff. CIT is currently working to support faculty in building and implementing Coursera MOOCs, but it is also supporting other online teaching explorations, including hybrid and flipped courses. You could be assigned to work on any of these, depending on which projects are available and need help. When you begin work with CIT, we will attempt to match your disciplinary background (if there are projects in their areas that need help), and your interests, but we can't guarantee perfect alignment, nor is it necessary for a successful learning experience.

Because of the schedules of these online courses, you are likely to be assigned to an already-existing project in the middle of it, and you are likely to wrap up your work with CIT before the course is complete, since the online courses may run longer than or start before the semester.

When you begin the OAship in CIT, you will receive training to make sure you are up-to-speed on the systems you will be using. Some of that training will occur as part of the assignments in the GS 762 course, but you likely will need additional training once you begin the apprenticeship.

A primary goal of this OAship is to provide you with a wide range of tasks to help you develop practical skills and experience that you can apply in your own online course teaching in the future. The tasks that you will do in CIT could include

  • meeting with faculty along with the course planning team;
  • assisting with video editing and upload;
  • building assessments based on content provided by the faculty member;
  • moderating discussion forums;
  • assisting with Google Hangouts or other real-time sessions with faculty and/or students;
  • proofreading or testing course materials before students access them;
  • updating social media sites about the course; and
  • gathering, collating, or analyzing course data under the direction of the assessment staff and others.

This range of activities is intended to give you knowledge of and experience in all phases of course design, development, implementation, and evaluation. However, given course schedules, you might not be able to participate in each phase during your apprenticeship.

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