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2010-2011 Teaching IDEAS Series

Fall 2010

*All workshops are 12:00-1:30pm, with boxed lunch and beverage, in Perkins Library 217 unless noted.

Sept. 13, 2010   Navigating the Teaching Assistant Role: From Protégé to Professional Development
Speakers:   Graduate Student Panel: Stefanie Chen (Biochemistry), Apurva Dave (Nicholas School),
    Fang Liu (Fuqua), SherAli Tareen (Religion), Gavin Taylor (Computer Science)
    Experienced TAs will share tips and practical strategies to help you make the most from any TA opportunity, including how to improve communication with the professor and students, as well as how to document your own professional development in teaching.
Sept. 27, 2010   Teaching Undergraduates at Duke: Diverse students, Distinctive Themes, and
    Strategic Goals”
Speaker:   Dr. Lee Willard, Senior Associate Dean and Associate Vice Provost
    Dr. Willard from the Office of Undergraduate Education will present data on Duke undergraduates, describe key ‘enduring themes’ in Duke’s strategic plan, and provide an overview of the integration of curricular and non-curricular goals for student success.
Oct. 18, 2010   The Art of Teaching: Using Acting Techniques in the Teaching/Learning Process
Speaker:   Dr. Gregory Justice, Associate Professor, Dept. of Theatre Arts, Virginia Tech
    Public speaking is America’s #1 public fear; learn strategies from theatre professionals to improve teaching and/or presentation skills.
    TIME: 12:00-2:00pm
Nov. 1, 2010   Writing Multiple Choice and Essay Questions
    TIME: 12:00-2:00pm
Speaker:   Dr. Ed Neal, Editor, Journal of Faculty Development and Former Director of Faculty Development, UNC Center for Teaching & Learning
    Most instructors have had little formal training in evaluating student learning, so it is no surprise that students often complain about “unfair” or “confusing” test questions. In this workshop, we will review the rules for constructing effective multiple-choice and essay items and analyze examples of both kinds of tests.
Nov. 8, 2010   Mental Models and the Fifth Discipline: How Teacher Beliefs Inform Teaching Practices
Speaker:   Dr. Doug James, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
    Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline: the Art and Practice of the Learning Organization, parallels current research on college teachers to suggest that teacher beliefs and ‘mental models’ inform how we approach teaching. In this interactive workshop, participants will reflect on ‘laws’ of the Fifth Discipline and their personal beliefs about teaching in order to identify strategies to diagnose classroom problems and improve teaching practices.


Spring 2011

*All workshops are 12:00-1:30pm, with boxed lunch and beverage, in Perkins Library 217 unless noted.

Jan. 24, 2011   Helping Students Learn to Write Effectively with Graphs, Tables and Illustrations
Speaker:   Dr. Cary Moskovitz, Director, Writing in the Disciplines, Thompson Writing Program
    Graphs, tables, diagrams and other visual resources are central to writing in some fields. This session will present ways to help students learn to design these elements and discuss them effectively in papers.
Feb. 7, 2011   Designing Green Classrooms and Incorporating Sustainability in Teaching
Speakers:   Dr. Charlotte Clark, Asst. Visiting Professor, Nicholas School of the Environment
    Casey Roe, Outreach Coordinator, Sustainable Duke
    Participants will examine definitions of ‘sustainability’ and engage in experiential learning exercises to explore ways to design ‘green’ classrooms at Duke. Successful university models (i.e., Northern Arizona’s Ponderosa Project/ Emory’s Piedmont Project) will be reviewed, and challenges and opportunities to promote sustainability at Duke University be discussed.
Feb. 21, 2011   Promoting Active Learning in the Science Classroom
Speaker:   Dr. Craig Roberts, Visiting Instructor, Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
    Dr. Roberts teaches neurobiology courses at Duke and UNC and will offer strategies to facilitate active learning within and beyond the classroom.
March 14, 2011   College Teaching and Visual Communication
Speaker:   Dr. Hugh Crumley, Instructional Technology Specialist, Duke Graduate School/CIT
    Visual communication for 21st century teaching and other professional activities is vital. Learn about uses in web and graphic design, effective presentations, and an electronic teaching portfolio.
March 28, 2011   Strategies to Teach Large Enrollment Classes Successfully
TIME:   12:00-2:00pm
Speaker:   Michael Palmer, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof./Faculty Consultant, Teaching Resource Center, University of Virginia
    Teaching large enrollment classes well is challenging. Dr. Palmer will model and engage participants in strategies that ensure success.