New Graduate Bass Teaching Fellowships

 December 31, 2013

We are so very pleased to announce that the newly restructured Bass Undergraduate Instructional Program for Duke PhD students has made its first awards. Thanks to a generous endowment gift from the family of Anne T. and Robert M. Bass, this program is able to support teaching experiences where normal means of funding are unavailable, and to help students become knowledgeable in online college teaching.

The fellowships come in several varieties: Teaching Fellows, who will either be a TA in another department or teach their own course as instructor of record (IOR), and Online Apprentices (OAs) who will take the new class GS 762 Online College Teaching and then apprentice in the Center for Instructional Technology to support Duke’s growing roster of online or hybrid courses.

This year’s recipients of Bass Teaching Fellowships as TAs:
Christopher Frank (Molecular Genetics & Microbiology)
Kathleen Hershberger (Pharmacology)
Marcela Kokes (Molecular Genetics & Microbiology)
Jenna Mueller (Biomedical Engineering)
Adam Whisnant (Molecular Genetics & Microbiology)

This year’s recipients of Bass Teaching Fellowships as IORs:
Samantha Deffler (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Tierney Foster-Wittig (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
Nichelle Reed Evolutionary (Anthropology)
Shana Starobin (Environment)
Gordon Steenbergen (Philosophy)
Keri Hamilton (Biochemistry)
Maxx Toler (Evolutionary Anthropology)
Kristofor Voss (Environment)

This year’s recipients of Bass Online Apprenticeships:
Sean Burrus (Religion)
Nicole Dalzell (Statistical Science)
Adrian Down (Ecology)
Keri Hamilton (Biochemistry)
Darren Mueller (Music)
Giuseppe Prigiotti (Romance Studies)
Courtnea Rainey (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Tiffany Wilson (Civil & Environmental Engineering)

If you know someone in this list, be sure to congratulate them! The next round of applications for Graduate Bass Fellowships will be from June 1-30, 2014. Keep an eye on the Bass Fellowship website.

 Dr. Hugh Crumley ( directs the Certificate in College Teaching and teaches courses in teaching, technology and design in The Graduate School.