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Graduate School Annual Fund

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Graduate School Annual Fund Challenge

The Graduate School Annual Fund Challenge is a three-year push to build a more robust Annual Fund for the school. Between the fall of 2019 and the spring of 2021, our goal is to add 20 new leadership-level donors (i.e., donors who give more than $1,000) to the Graduate School Annual Fund. For each year that we meet this goal, a donor has generously pledged to give an additional $50,000 to the fund.

Leadership gifts form an essential portion of donations to The Graduate School—and are crucial to our ability to support our students, including fulfilling Duke’s recent commitment to provide 12-month stipends to all Ph.D. students during their five-year guaranteed funding period. Now, with an additional $150,000 in challenge funds at stake, the Graduate School Annual Fund Challenge means that your gift of $1,000 or more has the opportunity to do even more!

Make your leadership gift today and help us meet the challenge.

Accept the Challenge

Dean Paula D. McClain on the Importance of the Challenge




What Is the Graduate School Annual Fund?

The Graduate School Annual Fund is the most direct, immediate way for your gift to support Duke graduate students because the school can use these funds for its greatest and ever evolving priorities. As the landscape of graduate education continues to change, the flexibility the annual fund provides is crucial for meeting graduate students’ needs and quickly developing new resources to enhance the graduate student experience at Duke.

Currently, the Graduate School Annual Fund:

  • supports fellowships that are critical for attracting the best Ph.D. students and allowing them to focus on their academic pursuits;
  • sustains robust professional development programming and mentoring resources that help students explore and prepare for a broad range of career paths; and
  • provides funding that enriches students’ experience at Duke and meets critical needs, such as research and travel grants for master’s students, childcare subsidies, and medical and hardship financial assistance.

Additionally, the caliber of our Ph.D. students directly influences the quality of Duke’s research, which in turn affects the university’s rankings. So the Graduate School Annual Fund doesn’t just support graduate students – it supports Duke as a whole.

Give to the Graduate School Annual Fund today!

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