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Versatile Humanists at Duke Internships

The Versatile Humanists at Duke program offers internships that provide Duke doctoral students in the humanities and interpretive social sciences exposure to work experiences, organizations, and professions relevant to their scholarly interests. Students get the opportunity to intern at cultural and nonprofit organizations throughout the Triangle and elsewhere. Students can either apply for internships with pre-identified partner organizations or propose their own internship experience.

These are stipended positions and are meant to replace other compensated work (such as research assistantships) during the period of the internship. Internships can be completed in spring, summer or fall. Students will receive a stipend for participating. Students in the first five years of study can expect to receive their usual funding package. For students in years six and beyond, tuition will be covered for the term of the internship.Internships will require between 15 and 19.9 hours of work per week and will last up to 15 weeks (and no fewer than 12 weeks). Students may not teach or hold other compensated positions for the duration of the internship.  Exceptions may be made in rare cases, but must be approved by VH@Duke.

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Funding Source

  • Duke Graduate School opportunities
  • External opportunities

Student Status

  • Continuing Student
  • Dissertation Phase

Academic Division

  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences

Type of Degrees

  • Ph.D.


  • Academic Year
  • Summer