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Win-Win Networking: Building and Nurturing Transformational Relationships


Alaina G. Levine, President of Quantum Success Solutions

Networking is the most honorable and valuable endeavor in which you can engage because it is built on a spirit of generosity. At its core, networking is all about crafting win-win alliances where both parties provide value.

Alaina G. Levine

In this webinar, award-winning professional speaker, STEM career coach, science writer, corporate comedian, TEDx speaker, entrepreneur, and author Alaina G. Levine will address strategies and tactics for finding new collaborators and building mutually-beneficial partnerships with professionals across the globe. She will share various methods to find and reach out to people, and start and nurture those critical conversations which can birth amazing collaborations. Attendees will delve into the strategies for communicating your ideas and brand (your promise of value) in such a way that your contacts want to learn, engage, and grow with you.

Duke graduate students can access this event sponsored by the Association for Women in Science through Duke's institutional membership, sponsored by the Office of Faculty Advancement. Find information about how to claim your Duke membership to AWIS here.


Communication, Professional Adaptability, Professional Development