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What Nonacademic Employers Really Value About Your Ph.D.

Much of the job search process is about persuasive communication: you want to convince a hiring manager that you’re the right fit for the job. So how can Ph.D.s effectively communicate their skills and advanced training to employers?

Join Beyond the Professoriate in this upcoming webinar where you’ll learn what employers look for in candidates, and how you can communicate your value as a Ph.D. to employers.

This webinar is designed for doctoral students, Ph.D.s, and postdocs from all academic disciplines who are wondering:

  • What do employers look for in job candidates?
  • How do you determine what an employer wants?
  • How do I show I’m the right person for the job?

The webinar will be held via Zoom webinar and will be recorded. Advance registration is required.

On July 17th, you’ll receive an email reminder an hour before the session with the Zoom link. Please make sure to mark “” as a safe sender to receive the email reminders.

Duke graduate students can attend this webinar for free through The Graduate School's subscription to Beyond the Professoriate.


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