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Rethinking the Library Research Paper


Cary Moskovitz

A graphic for the "Rethinking the Library Research Paper" event on November 29

Research can be an exciting and important part of the undergraduate experience. Yet the "research papers" we assign in our courses are often intellectually uninteresting tasks without a clear sense of purpose, bearing little resemblance to any of the meaningful kinds of research people do beyond the classroom. This workshop considers ways to intellectually invigorate library research projects by rethinking what we mean by "research" in the classroom context. We will discuss how to frame intellectually and rhetorically meaningful library research projects and consider alternative approaches-including setting up seminar courses as a whole-class, collaborative research project. (Link will be sent to registered participants prior to the session.)

This virtual event is sponsored by the Thompson Writing Program and is co-sponsored by Duke Learning Innovation, Teaching Support Network (TSN), and The Graduate School.


College Teaching Workshops, Professional Development, Teaching and Mentoring