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North Carolina Neurodiversity College Career Summit

A graphic for the "North Carolina Neurodiversity College Career Summit" event on October 28.

The virtual 2022 NC Neurodiversity College Career Summit connects NC college students pursuing degree-related (paid) internships and full-time opportunities with employers who are seeking to establish or maintain work environments supporting neurodiversity. The event includes both an informational panel session as well as opportunities for students to engage with employers regarding interests and opportunities.

Our Focus: Neurodiversity is an inclusive term that emphasizes the abilities of people with “brain differences” that are distinct from what is considered “typical.” As a social justice movement, neurodiversity aims to recognize the strengths and unique challenges of those with autism, ADHD and other neurological differences.

This event is sponsored by Duke Career Center and Duke Neurodiversity Connections. Questions? Contact Rachel Coleman, Director of  Career Development and Education, at


Communication, Professional Adaptability, Professional Development, Self Awareness