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Navigating Conflict and Collaboration in the Lab


Dr. Jennifer Swann, Professor of Biological Sciences at Lehigh University

Jennifer Swann

Working in a research lab can be both exhilarating and challenging. On one hand, there's the thrill of scientific discovery, the satisfaction of contributing to groundbreaking research, and the opportunity to collaborate with brilliant minds in your field. Unfortunately, bullying and harassment can occur in research settings, posing significant challenges to the well-being and productivity of scientists, particularly women. 

In the dynamic landscape of scientific inquiry, conflicts are inevitable, but how we manage them can make all the difference. Led by Dr. Jennifer Swann, this webinar will provide practical strategies and effective communication techniques to navigate conflicts within the laboratory setting. Learn how to maintain professionalism, resolve disagreements constructively, and foster a collaborative environment that fuels innovation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Proven techniques for conflict resolution and fostering collaboration in research laboratories.
  • Insights into navigating authorship disputes and ensuring fair recognition for contributions.
  • Strategies for identifying and addressing bullying and harassment in STEM environments.
  • Empowerment to cultivate inclusive and supportive research environments conducive to success.

Duke graduate students can access this Association for Women in Science event for free through Duke's institutional membership, sponsored by the Office of Faculty Advancement. Find information about how to claim your Duke membership to AWIS here.


Communication, Professional Adaptability, Professional Development, Professionalism and Scholarly Integrity