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Leveraging Writing, Research, and Teaching Skills for Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate Students


Melissa Bostrom, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Professional Development

As a humanities or social sciences graduate student, you have likely built significant skills in writing, research, and teaching. What kinds of professional opportunities beyond tenure-track faculty positions might value these skills? You can find key resources available through Duke to help you identify possibilities. This session will introduce you to three sets of resources with ample time for Q&A:

  • Using ImaginePhD to uncover your values, and finding aligned professional opportunities through Beyond Graduate School
  • Taking advantage of LinkedIn, the Duke Alumni Network, and Ask a Blue Devil to expand your professional connections
  • Planning for experiential learning opportunities through Intersect Job Sims, micro-internships, and campus internships such as the SIF

This event is part of The Graduate School's Professional Development Series.


Careers Beyond Academia, Communication, Professional Adaptability, Professional Development