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How Ph.D.s are Building Careers in Science Start-Ups

A graphic for the Careers Beyond Academia series event on Sept. 14, 2022.

With some of the most dynamic and innovative science work being done inside start-up ventures, what opportunities exist for PhDs? And how might they prepare for and build a career in this fast-moving sector?

Yusuf Uddin, PhD

Yusuf Uddin, PhD, a Molecular Biophysicist and currently Head of Talent at KdT Ventures, offers some rare and practical insight into the world of cutting-edge science start-ups, how they recruit, and what you can do to take advantage of these opportunities.

This format will be a lively Q&A with discussion across a range of topics. Please bring your questions for Yusuf!

This webinar is part of the Professional Development Series and is available to students through The Graduate School's subscription to VersatilePhD.


Careers Beyond Academia, Open to Alumni Attendees, Professional Adaptability, Professional Development