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How to Manage Your Overwhelm as a Doctoral Student

How to Manage Your Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone. So many doctoral students and postdocs struggle to maintain a work/life balance. Teaching! Research! Publishing! Conferences! Job Searching! Sometimes (many times?) we deprioritize our personal life, which takes a toll on our mental health.  

This workshop on time management will give you the tools and strategies you need to strike a balance between the expectations of your program and your personal life and values. 

This virtual workshop is designed for doctoral students, PhDs, and postdocs from all academic disciplines who are wondering:

  • How do I balance research, teaching, and the other demands of my doctoral program or postdoc position?
  • How do I find time to work on job searching while also honoring other commitments such as family, relationship, exercise, etc? 
  • How do I maintain a healthy work-life balance?
  • What are some time-management techniques that can work for me?

This webinar is part of the Professional Development Series and is available to students through The Graduate School's subscription to Beyond the Professoriate.


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