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How to Find Jobs That Will Give You Stability: A Webinar for Ph.D. Students


L. Maren Wood, Ph.D., CEO & Director of The Center for Graduate Career Success

PhD career conference
Maren Wood, PhD

Job searching is a tough, time-consuming process no matter when you’re doing it. But launching a job search at a time when the headlines seem filled with news of tech-sector layoffs and staff reductions can be especially stressful. In our final webinar of the conference, Dr. Maren Wood will share how to find jobs and build career security during uncertain times.

This event is part of the 11th Annual Online Career Conference for PhDsDuke graduate students can attend this conference for free, including access to replays of events, through The Graduate School's subscription to Beyond the Professoriate. Advance registration is required.


Careers Beyond Academia, Professional Adaptability, Professional Development