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First-Round Academic Job Market Interviews

Congratulations! You’ve landed a first-round interview with a hiring committee. But in a brief interview, how do you convince them that you’re the candidate they need? This interactive workshop will show you the ins and outs of academic job interviews, whether they are conducted virtually or in-person.

This virtual workshop is designed for doctoral students, PhDs, and postdocs from all academic disciplines who are wondering:

  • What questions am I likely to be asked in a first-round academic interview?
  • What are the differences between an in-person interview and one conducted over Zoom?
  • How can I best prep my interview answers without coming off as over-rehearsed?
  • What should I wear to my interview?

This webinar is part of the Academic Job Search Series and is available to students through The Graduate School's subscription to Beyond the Professoriate.


Academic Job Search Series, Beyond subscription, Communication, Professional Development, Professionalism and Scholarly Integrity