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Engaging the Public in your Research through Outreach


Jory Weintraub, PhD, Director of Science Engagement, North Carolina State University

Sure, your research on fill-in-the-blank is fascinating and important, but in order to help the public understand why it matters (and why they should support it!), you need to be able to communicate what you do in ways that are clear and engaging.  In this 3-part series, noted Research Communication expert Jory Weintraub, PhD, will teach you how to communicate your research effectively, no matter what field you are in.

The workshops will be participatory and include interactive exercises to provide opportunities to practice your research communication skills, so please have your audio and video enabled. For maximum benefit, participants are encouraged to attend all events in the series.

This is the third in the three-part series The Art of Research Communication.

Once you’ve learned the fundamentals of research communication and how to tell the story of your work, it’s time to apply these skills by engaging the public through outreach.  This session will introduce and explore strategies for doing this, and participants will develop their own outreach plan.

Jory Weintraub, PhD

Speaker: Jory Weintraub, PhD, is the Director of Science Engagement at North Carolina State University.  From 2015-2022 he was the Science Communication Director with the Duke Initiative for Science & Society, and taught undergraduate and graduate courses in science communication at Duke.  He received a PhD in Immunology, did a postdoc in STEM education, and has spent the last 25 years doing, teaching and coaching science communication and science outreach.

This event is part of the Mentoring and Communication Series co-sponsored by The Graduate School and the Office of Postdoctoral Services.


Engaging the Public


Communication, Core Competencies, Professional Development