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Doctoral Career Exploration Group


Michael Rudisill and Lauren Coury

Doctoral Career Exploration Group Thursdays 7/6-7/27, 5-6 pm

Explore the career options available to you after completing your doctoral degree at Duke. Join the Duke Career Center for a 4-week series dedicated to career exploration led by career advisers.  In this group setting, you will learn how to

  • Connect your skills, interests, and values to a wide range of occupations 
  • Use a strategic approach to career exploration and research
  • Make informed career decisions 
  • Effectively connect with Duke alumni and other professionals 
  • Build a strong career community to last a lifetime  

This series is intended to be exploratory and most appropriate for Ph.D.students who plan to graduate in December 2023 or later.  Participants should commit to attending each session. Please note, there will be a small amount of homework between sessions. 


Professional Adaptability, Professional Development, Self Awareness