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Creating a Productive and Positive Mindset for Ph.D.s in the Job Search


Dr. Heinz Plaumann, Founder, QuantumQik Careers

Creating a productive and positive mindset is critical to career success, particularly for PhDs looking for careers outside the academy. This interactive workshop will help participants to understand mindsets, biases and stereotypes, their strengths and pitfalls, and thereby enhance their ability to understand others better and be understood. This will be a 20 minute presentation followed by interactive discussion with a "Call To Action" at conclusion.

Heinz Plaumann, PhD

Dr. Heinz Plaumann has advanced degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, over 35 years of global industrial experience mostly in Technical and Leadership Roles. As part of his pivot to retirement, he founded QuantumQik Careers and FlashCard Leadership. QuantumQik provides coaching, training and mentoring to rescue people from toxic work cultures. He has mentored hundreds of colleagues, friends, students and clients to find their life purpose, life passion, to create options, and make career and life choices. He is an adjunct professor and sits on many advisory boards.

This webinar is part of the Professional Development Series and is available to students through The Graduate School's subscription to VersatilePhD.


Careers Beyond Academia, Open to Alumni Attendees, Professional Adaptability, Professional Development, Self Awareness