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Fall Semester Application Deadlines

These are the application deadlines for applicants who wish to begin their graduate studies in fall 2019. For all dates listed, the deadline is 11:59:59 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. If there is a discrepancy between the deadline information on this page and other materials you may have received, you should adhere to the deadlines on this page.


Ph.D. Programs
Art, Art History and Visual Studies   12/15/2018 closed
Biochemistry   12/15/2018 closed
Biology   12/15/2018 closed
Biomedical Engineering   12/31/2018 closed
Biostatistics   12/08/2018 closed
Business Administration   12/31/2018 closed
Cell and Molecular Biology   12/01/2018 closed
Chemistry   12/01/2018 closed
Civil and Environmental Engineering   12/15/2018 closed
Classical Studies   01/08/2019 closed
Cognitive Neuroscience   12/01/2018 closed
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics   12/01/2018 closed
Computational Media, Arts, and Cultures   12/15/2018 closed
Computer Science   12/15/2018 closed
Cultural Anthropology   12/07/2018 closed
Developmental and Stem Cell Biology   12/01/2018 closed
Earth and Ocean Sciences   01/08/2019 closed
Ecology   12/01/2018 closed
Economics   01/04/2019 closed
Electrical and Computer Engineering   12/01/2018* closed
English   12/10/2018 closed
Environment   12/15/2018 closed
Environmental Policy   12/15/2018 closed
Evolutionary Anthropology   12/01/2018 closed
Genetics and Genomics   12/01/2018 closed
German Studies - Carolina-Duke Program
(must apply through UNC Graduate School)
  12/12/2018 closed
History   12/15/2018 closed
Immunology   12/01/2018 closed
Integrated Toxicology and Environmental Health   12/08/2018 closed
Literature   12/08/2018 closed
Marine Science and Conservation   12/08/2018 closed
Mathematics   12/19/2018 closed
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science   12/31/2018 closed
Medical Physics   12/08/2018 closed
Molecular Cancer Biology   12/17/2018 closed
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology   12/01/2018 closed
Music   01/12/2019 closed
Neurobiology   12/01/2018 closed
Nursing   12/14/2018 closed
Pathology   12/28/2018 closed
Pharmacology and Cancer Biology   12/07/2018 closed
Philosophy   12/31/2018 closed
Physics   12/10/2018** closed
Political Science   12/20/2018 closed
Psychology and Neuroscience (Clinical track)   12/01/2018 closed
Psychology and Neuroscience (All non-clinical tracks)   12/01/2018 closed
Public Policy Studies   12/01/2018 closed
Religious Studies   12/20/2018 closed
Romance Studies   03/08/2019 closed
Sociology   12/18/2018 closed
Statistical Science   12/01/2018 closed

* Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D. applicants: Applications submitted by 12/01/2018 are guaranteed review. Applications submitted after 12/01/2018 but before the closing date of 02/28/19 will be reviewed based upon availability of space and funding.

**Physics Ph.D. applicants: Applications submitted by 12/10/2018 are guaranteed review. Applications submitted after 12/10/2018 but before the closing date of 01/01/19 will be reviewed based upon availability of space and funding.



Master's Programs
Analytical Political Economy   02/01/2019 closed
Bioethics and Science Policy   03/20/2019** closed
Biomedical Engineering   02/01/2019 closed
Civil and Environmental Engineering   12/31/2018 closed
Computer Science   01/31/2019 closed
Critical Asian Humanities   01/31/2019 closed
Dance (MFA)   02/15/2019*** closed
Digital Art History/Computational Media   03/15/2019 closed
East Asian Studies   01/31/2019 closed
Economics   01/15/2019 closed
Economics and Computation   02/15/2019 closed
Electrical and Computer Engineering   01/01/2019* closed
Experimental and Documentary Arts   02/15/2019 closed
Global Health   04/01/2019***** closed
Graduate Liberal Studies   02/09/2019 closed
History   12/15/2018 closed
Humanities   03/15/2019 closed
Interdisciplinary Data Science   02/15/2019 closed
Master of Arts in Teaching   01/15/2019 closed
Materials Science and Engineering   03/15/2019 closed
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science   01/31/2019 closed
Medical Physics   01/08/2019 closed
Political Science   02/15/2019 closed
Population Health Sciences   02/28/2019**** closed
Quantitative Financial Economics   01/15/2019 closed
Religious Studies   01/31/2019 closed
Slavic and Eurasian Studies   01/31/2019 closed
Statistical Science   01/01/2019 closed


*Electrical and Computer Engineering master's applicants: Applications submitted by 01/01/2019 are guaranteed review. Applications submitted after the 01/01/2019 deadline but before the closing date of 2/28/19 will be reviewed based upon availability of space.

**Bioethics and Science Policy applicants: All applications received by 03/20/2019 are guaranteed review; however, applications submitted by 01/31/2019 will receive priority consideration. Applications received between 03/20/2019 and 05/31/2019 will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

***Dance MFA applicants: Late applications will be considered under special circumstances. Applicants are advised to contact Prof. Michael Klien ( before starting an application.

****Population Health Sciences applicants: The second deadline period is from 03/01/2019 to 03/31/2019. Applications submitted between these two dates are not guaranteed consideration but will be reviewed based on space availability.

*****Global Health applicants: All applications received by 03/01/2019 are guaranteed review. Applications received between 03/02/2019 and 04/01/2019 will be reviewed on a space-available basis. Please contact the program directly to confirm availability.