After you have been admitted, you must submit official transcripts from each institution listed in your application. You do not have to provide separate official transcripts from study abroad institutions, as long as the study abroad credits appear on the official transcript from your home educational institution. 

The final transcript should show all work completed and the conferral date of the degree. This also serves as your degree confirmation. When you request a final transcript from your institution, verify that the transcript states the date that the degree was conferred or awarded. It is very important to verify this, as there is often a delay between the date of graduation and the date of degree conferral. Your official transcript must be in an envelope sealed by your school for it to be recognized as official by the Graduate School. Official documents sent to The Graduate School will not be returned.

If your transcripts cannot be sent due to valid extenuating circumstances, please contact the graduate admissions office at or (919) 684-3913.

How to Submit

Request that each institution you have attended send us a final transcript. Electronic transcripts sent directly from the educational institution are considered official and should be sent to

Paper transcripts should be mailed to

Duke University Graduate School
Office of Admissions
2127 Campus Drive, Box 90065
Durham, NC 27708

Note: The address listed above is both a physical location and a mailing address. If your mail service will not deliver to a post office box, delete "Box 90065" from the address and use the postal code 27708-0065.

IMPORTANT: If you received your diploma or degree from a Chinese institution, we also need the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC) degree verification report.

If Your Final Transcript Is Not Yet Available

If you completed your degree very recently or are still enrolled in a degree program, your final, official transcript may not be available until as late as August. If this is the case, DO NOT wait until June, July, or August to have your official transcript sent to us. Instead, request that your educational institution send your most up-to-date transcript as soon as possible. Once the final transcript with the degree conferral date becomes available, request that it be sent as well.

If Your Transcript Is in a Language Other Than English

If the transcript is not in English, we need both the transcript in its original language and an English translation of the transcript. If your institution does not issue documents in English, you must have the transcripts translated by a professional translation service. Self-translations and notarized translations will not be accepted.

If You Only Have One Official Transcript

Some international schools issue only one official transcript. If this is the case for the school(s) you attended, DO NOT send this document to us, because no materials submitted in support of an application will be returned to you. Instead, send an exact copy that has been stamped as a “Certified True Copy” by the appropriate institutional official of each institution that you attended. Uncertified copies are not acceptable.

If Your Transcript Does Not Show a Degree Conferral Date

If the date of degree conferral is not included in the final transcript, still ask the institution to send a complete transcript that includes your final grades. You must then send the graduate admissions office a certified, true copy of the diploma or certificate of degree completion showing the date the degree was conferred. Uncertified copies will not be accepted. (IMPORTANT: If you received your diploma or degree from a Chinese institution, we only need the final transcript and the CHESICC degree verification report. We do not need a copy of the diploma or the degree certificate.)

If you choose not to provide a certified copy or are unable to obtain one, you may contact the Duke University Graduate School at 919-684-3913 or to make arrangements to present your diploma or degree in person.

If the diploma or degree is not in English, you must provide both an English translation and the diploma or degree in its original language. Most university officials will provide English translations if asked to do so; therefore, we strongly encourage you to work with your university to obtain a translation.

If you are absolutely unable to obtain an English translation from the institution, you must obtain one from a professional translation service. Self-translations and notarized translations will not be accepted.