The DukeCard is the official ID for Duke students, faculty and staff. It is needed for accessing university buildings and can be used for payment at participating Duke facilities. In an effort to to ensure the safety of Duke students, faculty, and staff, we are asking everyone who is able to download and use the Mobile DukeCard. If you need a physical card for health center or laboratory access, or because you do not have a mobile device that can use the mobile card app, you will need to make an appointment to get it from the DukeCard office.

The Mobile DukeCard is free. To get your DukeCard, you must:

DukeCard Office’s COVID-Related Changes

See the DukeCard Office’s website for details on these changes:

  • Online photo submission required
  • Office open by appointment only
  • Request forms move online
  • Cash and checks no longer accepted as payment for DukeCard

FAQs about DukeCards

An individual only needs to get a new card if the program name printed on the DukeCard would change. If the card says “Graduate School” in the bottom left corner of your card, there is nothing more you need to do at this time.

In order to get the access they need for labs, students should contact the lab manager to add the access as they normally would. The only change now is that the lab manager will email to request that the prox number be active for university access to labs. The email will need a picture attached on the back of the student DukeCard with the prox number, so the DukeCard office can see the number and key it into the access system correctly.

The DukeCard Office recommends all incoming students submit a photo to make sure they can download the mobile DukeCard, and to ensure the card will be ready when they arrive on campus. The photo may also be used by professors for class rosters.

If you have additional questions or concerns please contact the DukeCard Office at (919) 684-5800 or