Professor Toril Moi
Director of Graduate Studies
Franklin Humanities Center
Duke University
2204 Erwin Road, Room #208
Box 90403
Durham, NC  27708
Telephone - (919) 668-6407



Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Philosophy, Arts, and Literature is an interdisciplinary certificate that seeks to connect the study of specific works of art and specific art forms (such as literature, music, theater, painting, film, and so on) to questions concerning creativity, the nature of specific art forms, the relationship between knowledge and art, and between ethics and aesthetics.  The Certificate aims to make student conversant with philosophical reflections on literature and the arts.  As forms of human expression, philosophy and every art form are historical.  The Certificate seeks to foster an understanding of the historical nature of different art forms, and of aesthetics and philosophy, and to encourage exploration of philosophy, arts, and literature from different historical periods.

Students may earn a formal Graduate Certificate in Philosophy, Arts, and Literature by satisfying the following requirements:  (1) Take five graduate level courses approved by the Steering Committee.  The courses must be taken in a minimum of three different departments.  (2) Write a research paper and present it at a workshop at Duke.  Each semester, courses approved for the Certificate will be announced on the Certificate website.