Abby Grubbs
Senior Program Coordinator
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Duke University
100 Fuqua Drive, Durham, NC 27708

Phone: (919) 681-9165

Program Description

The I&E Certificate for graduate and professional students fosters new approaches for research, management, teaching, and leadership, helping students solve pressing problems and prepare for a wide range of career options. Students enrolled in I&E’s experiential and interdisciplinary classes will develop innovative ideas based on their field or interests – and then turn those ideas into actionable solutions that can impact society. The skills learned will help make students become creative, action-oriented, and able to navigate the unknown.

The I&E Certificate has three requirements:

  1. Participants will successfully complete two experiential, interdisciplinary courses in which they work on a project at a specific stage of entrepreneurial action: discovery, development or launch
  2. Participants will complete a course in Business & Organizational fundamentals
  3. Participants will complete a Narrative Design seminar series