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Earth and Ocean Sciences

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A. Brad Murray
Director of Graduate Studies
Earth and Ocean Sciences
A318 LSRC, Duke University
Durham, NC 27708
(919) 681-5069



General Information

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GRE General: Optional for 2021
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Program Description

The Division of Earth and Ocean Sciences offers research opportunities in three broad areas of geoscience: biogeosciences, oceans and climate, and earth resources.

  • Biogeosciences in EOS focuses on the interactions between life, water, and landscapes including coastal ecomorphodynamics and remote sensing, watershed ecohydrology, and landscape evolution including that of coupled human-landscape systems.
  • Oceans and climate research in EOS includes ocean circulation, atmospheric dynamics, paleoclimatic/paleoenvironment reconstruction, marine biogeochemistry, and ocean/atmosphere interactions, particularly as they relate to global climate change.
  • Research in earth resources in EOS address the geologic formation and human use of mineral, energy, water, and land resources including mineral formation, life-cycle analysis, energy consumption/emissions, water quality as it relates to human health, and the role of technology in the Anthropocene.


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