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College Teaching

For more information contact

Hugh Crumley, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Studies
Certificate in College Teaching Program
Duke University Graduate School
2127 Campus Drive, Box 90068
Durham, NC 27708
Phone: (919) 660-5975
E-mail: Hugh Crumley

General Information

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Program Description

Graduate students planning to go on to a faculty career in higher education will very likely be expected to teach.  The Certificate in College Teaching (CCT) both prepares participants to do this and formally documents this professional development to make graduates more competitive when applying for positions.  Systematic pedagogical training not only promotes development as a teacher, it will also facilitate more efficient use of time in the balance among research, teaching, and other responsibilities.

The CCT program, administered within the Duke University Graduate School, is available for enrolled PhD students in any department or program of study.  This program makes use of departmental training and resources as well as Graduate School programming.  The Certificate in College Teaching is being offered in order to recognize and validate professional development activities undertaken by PhD students and adds competitiveness and value to PhDs awarded to Duke graduate students.

The goals of the CCT program are to facilitate and recognize graduate students' completion of:

  • Sustained, systematic pedagogical training that promotes:
    • current best practices in teaching and learning
    • appropriate use of instructional technology
    • systematic assessment of student learning outcomes
  • A reflective teaching practice including peer observation
  • Development of materials suitable for use in applying for teaching positions after graduation

The Certificate in Teaching Program has three requirements:

  1. Participants should successfully complete two courses in college teaching.  This can include any combination of Graduate School and/or discipline-specific pedagogy courses offered by a Department or Program;
  2. Participants should have formal experience teaching a group of students over the course of a term in a classroom or lab setting and participate in teaching observations, both as a teacher being observed and as an observer of others teaching, and
  3. Participant should create an online teaching portfolio.

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