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Dual Degrees - J.D. / Ph.D.

At the present time, the only formal J.D./Ph.D. program available is with the Department of Political Science. Others may be available on an ad hoc basis.

Applicants for the J.D./Ph.D. must apply separately to the Law School and the Graduate School. Students who apply directly and successfully to the J.D./Ph.D. program will be admitted into both programs from the date of their matriculation at Duke, even though they will initially be pursuing the joint J.D./master's degree en route to the subsequent Ph.D. It is expected that once they have completed their initial three years of study, students will subsequently register solely in the doctoral program and have access to the normal mechanisms of financial support available to other Ph.D. students in the relevant departments. (Some departments may permit J.D./Ph.D. students to begin their teaching assistant experience while still in Law School.) In most instances, completion of the Ph.D. should take no more than 3 years beyond receipt of the J.D./master's degree.