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Romance Studies: PhD Placement Statistics


Graduate Student Statistical Summary

  HUMANITIES Romance Studies
Number of Students Completing Ph.D. 428 56
Academic Tenure Track 235 31
Academic Non-Tenure Track 79 18
Post Doc 12 0
Private Profit Enterprises 13 0
Public 4 0
Other 50 2
Unknown 35 5

For students graduated in 9/2003-5/2013

TTRACK (higher ed - tenured or tenure-track)                
NONTTRACK (higher ed [non-tenure track], excluding administrative and staff positions)
POSTDOCS (post-docs and fellowships)
PRIVATE (private profit enterprises)
PUBLIC (federal, state, local government)
OTHER (higher ed (administrative and staff positions only), all other non-profits, self employed, homemakers, etc.)
UNKNOWN (we do not have placement information for these graduates)

Academic Division