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Graduate School Awards 7 Professional Development Grants for 2018



The Graduate School has awarded seven Professional Development Grants to support discipline-specific programming for graduate students in 2018.

The grants, established in 2014, award up to $2,000 to help graduate students and their departments create discipline-specific professional development programming and resources for exploring both academic and broad career options. Such programming complements the offerings from The Graduate School, which focus on topics that are applicable across disciplines.

The recipients and their proposed programming:

Chemistry: Hosting events to help STEM Ph.D. students learn about broad career options and network with Ph.D. graduates in a wide range of professional paths.

Classical Studies: Organizing the Classical Studies Colloquium on Mentorship of First-Generation Students, which will explore the mentorship of diverse students, undergraduate and graduate, in Classical Studies and in the humanities writ large.

Neurobiology: Inviting a series of speakers who are representative of broad career sectors and providing a forum for neurobiology graduate students to discuss navigating the academic job market with department faculty at various stages in their careers.

Nursing: Providing professional development opportunities for Ph.D. and postdoctoral students at Duke and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Schools of Nursing to learn how to harness the power of social media and technology to communicate their science for an international audience.

Political Science: Supporting events hosted by the Women in Political Science Group—an organization of female graduate students in the Political Science Department—to engage the entire female academic community at Duke, promote a discussion of the common challenges female academics face, and provide the tools needed to have a successful career.

Psychology and Neuroscience: Hosting a workshop series by the Women’s Support Network to provide the psychology and neuroscience community with networking opportunities, a broader knowledge of diverse STEM career paths, examples of women pioneers, and insights for junior women researchers on how to navigate inherent bias as their careers develop.

University Program in Environmental Policy: Holding a series of career development activities to explore career paths for interdisciplinary programs by facilitating knowledge sharing among peers, recently graduated alumni and faculty members.

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