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Grad School, Postdoc Services, and Career Center Collaborate in Academic Job Search Series

Duke's Office of Postdoctoral Services (OPS) was established in January 2006 to recognize the integral part postocs play in the research endeavor at Duke University. The mission of OPS is to provide a central resource for postdoctoral appointees on campus, and to serve as a liaison between postdocs, faculty, administrators, and staff. By providing a complete menu of services, from orientation seminars to career development programs to exit surveys, the OPS promotes postdoctoral training at Duke and prepares Duke postdocs for successful careers.

Over time, the scope of the office has grown and, because graduate students and postdocs share many of the same needs, collaborations that include both segments of the Duke University population have been crafted with the Duke Career Center and the Graduate School to provide programming relevant to postdocs and grad students.

This resulted this fall in the creation of the Academic Job Search Series, which covered topics such as Behind the Scenes with the Search Committee: The Academic Application Process; The Academic Interview, and Negotiating the Academic Job Offer. All of the sessions were videotaped, and can be found on the OPS youtube channel.