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Duke Leaders Call for Repeal of NC Law Limiting LGBT Protections

On April 18, Duke University released a statement from top university leaders calling for a full repeal of North Carolina House Bill 2, a new state law that, among other things, prevents local governments from opening bathrooms for people to use based on their gender identity.

"We deplore in the strongest possible terms the new state law, HB2, that prevents municipalities from establishing laws that protect members of the LGBTQ+ community and others from discrimination and eliminates some economic advancement opportunities for underrepresented communities," said the statement, which was signed by Duke President Richard Brodhead, Provost Sally Kornbluth, and A. Eugene Washington, the chancellor for health affairs and president and CEO of the Duke University Health System. (Read the full statement)

"In spirit and in letter, this new law runs counter to the ideals of Duke University -- and, we believe, to those of our great state," the statement added. "We urge a full repeal of HB2."

This statement follows a March 24 statement from the university that condemned HB2 the day after the law was passed.