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Career Center News

Over the summer, the Career Center welcomed three new colleagues dedicated to supporting graduate students, bringing the fully staffed graduate team to four members. This expanded and diverse team will allow us to be more aggressive in our scheduling of events and offer more in-person support to graduate students. It will also allow us to increasingly collaborate with academic departments to tailor career skills workshops to students within specific disciplines, and build stronger relationships with employers who are focused on hiring graduate students.

Tammy J. Samuels joins the Career Center from Rutgers University, where she served as Assistant Director of Internships. She has also served in various career-related and academic leadership roles, including Dean of Students and Director of Career Development at Wilson College. Tammy earned a B.A. in Women’s Studies from Rutgers University and an M.A. in Counseling from Montclair State University.

Paul Miceli joins the Career Center from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (UNC). During his time at UNC Paul taught multiple psychology courses and mentored undergraduate students as a research and honors thesis advisor. Beyond academia, he has completed projects involving market research and quantitative modeling. Paul earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Notre Dame, an M.A. in Social Psychology from UNC, and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from UNC.

Annie Maxfield has been with the Career Center since 2010, and joined following her graduate studies at the University of Utah. Annie has experience in university teaching, communications consulting, and nonprofit program management as well as having sales/marketing experience as an account executive at LVMH. Annie earned a B.S. in Communication, a B.S. in Philosophy, and an M.S. in Communication, all from the University of Utah.

John Collison joins the Career Center from JPMorgan, where he managed a variety of talent development programs over 14 years, including training, organizational development, and recruiting functions, while working across numerous global lines of business. John earned a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Florida, an M.Ed. in Curriculum Design from the University of Delaware, an M.S. in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania.

Compared with the previous academic year, the new team will be offering expanded office hours for one-on-one appointments, more drop-in advising opportunities, and a robust sequence of career skills workshops ranging from Job Search Strategies to Networking Skills. In addition, the team will provide a bi-weekly newsletter distributed by the following subgroups: Medical Sciences (Physical Sciences); Natural Sciences & Engineering (Life Sciences); and Social Sciences and Humanities. The purpose of these newsletters is to keep students current on the resources, upcoming events, and job opportunities available through career services.

Please check the Graduate Student page on the Career Center website, and keep an eye on your email inbox and the Graduate School Calendar for announcements of dates, times, and locations of specific events. And feel free to contact us at 919-660-1050 to set up an appointment to talk to any member of the team.