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Career and Professional Development Advisory Committee Appointed

This fall, Jo Rae Wright, dean of the graduate school and Larry Moneta, vice-president for student affairs joined efforts to appoint the University’s first Graduate Career and Professional Development Advisory Committee. This committee will provide guidance in the development of a coordinated plan for establishing comprehensive career and professional development services for Duke’s graduate student population. Dean Wright explains “that a targeted priority outlined in the 2010-2012 Graduate School Strategic Plan is the expansion of career counseling and professional development for our students. My aim is to use the expertise of the advisory committee in channeling the resources of the greater graduate community.” William Wright-Swadel, Fannie Mitchell executive director of the career center and Jacqueline Looney, senior associate dean for graduate programs, have been appointed as committee co-chairs. The full committee is listed below.

Career Center Representatives

Patricia Callaway, Assistant Director Graduate Student Career Services
Virginia Steinmetz, Assistant Director of the Career Center and Director Graduate Career Services
William Wright-Swadel, Executive Director for the Career Center

Faculty Representatives

Mohamed Noor, Professor of Biology
Kathy Psomiades, Associate Professor of English
William Reichert, Professor Biomedical Engineering; Associate Dean for Diversity and PhD Education

Graduate School Representatives

Douglas James, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
J. Alan Kendrick, Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Development
Jacqueline Looney, Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

Graduate Student Representatives

Sean Parrish, Ph.D. Candidate, History
Ali Saaem, Ph.D. Candidate, Biomedical Engineering

PostDoctoral Services Representative

Molly Starback, Director of Postdoctoral Services