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History of the Duke Graduate School

“... more perhaps than anything else here our Graduate School will determine the sort of University we are to have and its standing in the educational world.”

— William P. Few, Duke's first president

90th Anniversary

Since its establishment in 1926—two years after Duke University was created—the Duke Graduate School has trained almost 30,000 graduate students. Take a look back at The Graduate School's history, some of the people who shaped that history, and the important roles that graduate students and graduate education play at Duke.

commemorateTimeline of School History

A look at some of the significant events and people in the first 90 years of The Graduate School.

History Spotlights

Interesting snippets from the school's history.

Black Pioneers

Black History

A look at the first wave of Black Ph.D. graduates after Duke desegregated


Profiles of a notable graduate from each decade of the school's history.

90th Anniversary

Relive The Graduate School's 2016 celebration of the 90th year since its founding.