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The Duke ideal for graduate education is a small number of superior students working closely with esteemed scholars. Graduate study at Duke is defined by maximum personal attention; smaller, more involving classes; flexible programs of study designed to meet students’ individual needs and interests; and richer, cross-disciplinary possibilities for scholarship.




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Creating Community: International ESL Graduate Students on the U.S. Academic Job Market

March 21, 2018
ESL Academic Job Search Workshop

How scary do the words “Academic Job Market” sound? Now try to say these words with a foreign accent, draft a cover letter with a different language interfering with your (very professional) writing, and decipher a job ad without the advantage of a lifetime in the U.S. to understand how the American higher education system actually works. A series of workshops designed by graduate students in Romance Studies helped them overcome some of these challenges during job application season.

Mai-Anh T. Vu, 2018 Dean’s Award Winner

March 15, 2018

“... she is the rare teacher who inspires confidence in students working to master challenging material. From my own experience in teaching over the past two decades here at Duke University, I realize that this is a major accomplishment.”

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