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Welcome from the Dean

Paula D. McClainWelcome to The Graduate School. Duke is an energetic and vibrant university at the forefront of graduate education. The Graduate School is central to the academic mission of the university, and our graduate faculty research is on the cutting-edge of knowledge in the various disciplines and programs represented in the school.

To come to Duke University for graduate study is to be immersed in the welcoming environment of an educational community dedicated to the pursuit and production of knowledge that will serve the broader society. At The Graduate School, we are committed to the success of our students, and we serve as an advocate for their intellectual development. We believe that the analytic and research skills formed and honed during graduate study are critical for success in a variety of professional contexts. We are committed to helping students think about and begin to shape their professional career trajectories from the moment they begin their graduate student careers at Duke.

We also know, however, that student success encompasses aspects of their lives beyond their academic work, and we believe that graduate study should be viewed as part of a well-rounded life experience. As such, we offer many programs to help support and enrich the lives of graduate students during their years at Duke.

Graduate study is, in many ways, an apprenticeship. To earn the right to become a colleague of your professors takes time, patience, a fierce commitment, and the willingness to make many personal sacrifices. The path ahead might seem daunting, but at the Duke University Graduate School, among your fellow graduate students, and within the broader community of Durham, you will find the people, commitment, support, and resources to help you succeed and enjoy the journey.

Paula D. McClain, Ph.D.
Dean of The Graduate School
Vice Provost for Graduate Education
Duke University