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Duke Graduate School Awards

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Distinguished Alumni Award  

Distinguished Alumni Award

Given annually to a graduate of a Duke University Ph.D. program who has distinguished himself or herself in service to their fields of endeavor, to Duke, and to society in general.


Few-Glasson Alumni Society

Recognizes graduates of the school who have distinguished themselves through their career accomplishments, the potential of their current endeavors, or their support for graduate students and graduate education at Duke.


Dean’s Award for Excellence in Mentoring

Recognizes the considerable efforts and accomplishments of faculty and graduate students who consistently serve as effective mentors.


Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

Recognizes up to three graduate students each year who best exemplify the characteristics of effective college teaching as they prepare for lives of service, leadership, and teaching.


Dean’s Award for Inclusive Excellence

Acknowledges extraordinary achievements by departments and programs that help create an environment of inclusive excellence in graduate education.