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Student Government and Student Groups

Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC)

The following are the major goals of the Graduate and Professional Student Council:
  • Primary mission: To build community among all graduate and professional students and with the larger Duke and Durham communities
  • Serves all graduate and professional students
  • Lobbies for graduate and professional students with academic and administrative issues
  • Holds an average of two meetings each month that are open to all graduate and professional students
  • Offers an opportunity for you to take an active role in graduate and professional student life
Please see the GPSC website for a full meeting schedule, a calendar of events, information on how to get involved (listservs, Facebook, and groups), and more useful information. If you have further questions, please send an e-mail message to

2012-2013 GPSC Executive Board

President: William Hunt
Vice-President: Shannon O'connor
Treasurer: Amol Yadav
Executive Secretary: Pam Mosely
Academic Officer: Pan Wu
Attorney General: Chris Marsicano
Communications Coordinator: Chris Rowland
University Affairs Coordinator: Chelsea Gaw
Student Life Co-Chair: Andrew Schicho
Student Life Co-Chair: Alexis Mann
Student Group Liaison: Brad Hover
Community Outreach Coordinator: Daniel Brown
Career Development Chair: Nick Brantley

2008 NAGPS Student Organization of the Year 

In 2008, GPSC was recognized as the Student Organization of the Year by the National Assocation of Graduate–Professional Students (NAGPS). For a sense of the many ways in which GPSC successfully advocates for policies, programs and services that enhance graduate and professional student life, view this chronology of GPSC accomplishments.

Student Groups

The GPSC website offers a list of student groups affiliated with the Graduate and Professional Student Council, including leadership contacts, group descriptions, and links to student group sites. Whether you have interests in drama, politics, tennis, religion, or knitting, there is likely a group for you. Of course, if there is not, you are encouraged to further enrich the Duke community by assembling a group of your own!