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University Academic Support Resources and Services

The descriptions and links below will give you a general idea of the many university offices and online resource sites that provide academic support services for graduate students at Duke. For more specific information, please visit the links provided. Many of the offices serve several segments of the university community, so please note that unless the links below point to a page specifically referencing graduate student services, you may need to confirm with the office in question whether graduate students are eligible to use a particular service or resource.

Center for Instructional Technology

The Duke Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) supports the academic mission of Duke University by helping instructors find innovative ways to use technology to achieve their teaching goals. The CIT supports instructional technologies that can contribute to Duke’s academic excellence by increasing student engagement with course materials, supporting active learning strategies, better matching teaching and learning styles, fostering communication and collaboration, streamlining course administration, and developing students’ skills for future learning and work. CIT provides several opportunities for graduate student development and training.

Duke Research Website 

Duke Research provides an outlet for stories and video about the latest research news at Duke.

Interdisciplinary Studies at Duke Website 

Interdisciplinary Studies at Duke highlights interdisciplinary opportunities at Duke and provides comprehensive listings of the university's institutes.

Library Services

 Duke University Libraries provide a number of important services for graduate students. Pages of interest on their site include:

Office of Research Support

The Office of Research Support (ORS) includes two units that provide services of interest to graduate students:

ORS offers funding workshops and an online library of training materials, some of which are relevant or targeted to graduate students

Scientific Writing Resource 

The Duke Scientific Writing Resource was created by Nathan Sheffield, Ph.D. candidate in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, in collaboration with the Thompson Writing Program staff at Duke and supported by a Duke Graduate School Teaching Mini-grant.  The resource is designed to help faculty and TAs incorporate science writing into their courses.   

Resources by Academic Division

For information about academic resources and opportunities within a specific academic division, search the following sites:

Biological Sciences Graduate Education & Research

John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute

Social Sciences Research Institute