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Duke University Graduate School
2127 Campus Drive
Box 90065
Durham, NC 27708 USA

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Graduate Student Affairs

Enhancing the Quality of Graduate Student Life


The central mission of the Office of Graduate Student Affairs (GSA) is to enhance the quality of graduate student life by working closely with individual students, student organizations, faculty, and other campus offices. The aim is to provide a broad array of programs on issues related to graduate student life, such as health, safety, housing, mentoring, and professional development. GSA also has a particular role in establishing support services that address the specific needs of students from different ethnic backgrounds, international students, gay and lesbian students, students with disabilities, women, and other groups. This office is committed to helping students become active participants in the Duke University community. Located at 2127 Campus Drive, Graduate Student Affairs serves as a principal point of contact for all graduate students wishing to express their comments and concerns about the quality of graduate student life here at Duke. We urge you to take full advantage of the services offered by our office. You are welcome to come by at any time to talk about your experiences as a student or just to say hello. You can also consult us by telephone at 684-2056 or by e-mail at


  • To assess the academic, financial, social, personal, and cultural needs of graduate students
  • To develop programs that encourage faculty and student participation in student affairs
  • To assist departments in creating supportive environments for students
  • To support departments in identifying and recruiting applicants from traditionally underrepresented groups