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Academic Programs

Duke University Graduate School offers graduate training in over 70 departments and programs of study. Graduate students can also complete various Certificate programs that are interdisciplinary in focus. In addition, we offer select Dual Degree programs (internal with other Duke Schools) and a Joint Degree program with UNC in German Studies. 

Masters and Doctoral Degree Programs

The Graduate School offers a wide range of master's degree (M.A./M.S.) and doctoral degree (Ph.D.) programs in nearly 70 departments and degree programs

Beyond the traditional departments and programs, Duke Graduate School promotes interdisciplinary research through Certificate and Dual or Joint degree programs.

Certificate programs

The Graduate School offers nearly 31 Certificate programs, most of which are interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary, that draw upon the unique strengths of Duke's research institutes and faculty.  Certificate programs are designed to provide graduate students with advanced training in interdisciplinary or emerging fields of knowledge by taking advantage of the distinctive resources available at Duke or in the Research Triangle Park area.  The requirements for each Certificate program generally include additional course work and training that are outlined on the relevant web site. 

Note: Students enrolled in other Duke professional degree programs outside of the Graduate School, as well as graduate/professional inter-institutional students (UNC, NCSU, and NCCU), may enroll in a graduate certificate program. More information is available. 

Dual degree programs with other Duke Schools

M.D./Ph.D. (MSTP program) with the Duke School of Medicine

J.D./M.A. with the Duke School of Law

J.D./Ph.D. with the Duke School of Law

Joint degree program with UNC

Joint Ph.D. program in German Studies, developed and offered with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Note: For information about professional masters degree programs, please see the appropriate school at Duke -- (such as M.B.A. at Fuqua, M.Div. at Divinity, etc.).