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RCR Requirement - Master's and Ph.D. Degrees

Master's Degree - RCR Training Requirement

Beginning in Fall 2013, ALL matriculating Master's degree students enrolled at The Graduate School at Duke University must participate in a 4-hour RCR Orientation during Orientation week.  The RCR Orientation for Master's students will focus on academic integrity, plagiarism, authorship and intellectual property, institutional policies, and department-specific discussions led by faculty and key staff.  The Orientation will also introduce Master's degree students to the professional resources and staff available to assist them to succeed in their graduate course work, scholarship, and degree program. Staff will include representatives from the Office of Research Support, Campus & Medical Center Human Subjects Protections Programs, Animal Care & Use Committee, Perkins Library system, Data & GIS services, Office of Copyright and Scholarly Communication, and others. Entering master's degree students will be contacted via email (in July) with instructions to pre-register via a link on the Graduate School website (not in ACES). Credit will be posted on their official Duke University transcript for GS705: Responsible Conduct of Research- Master's Orientation (4 credits).  No additional training beyond the RCR Orientation is required for Master's degree students.

Ph.D. Degree - RCR Training Requirement

Since Summer/Fall 2003, ALL matriculating Ph.D. students at Duke University are required to complete 12 or 18 contact hours in RCR training specified below by disciplinary area.

To fulfill this RCR training requirement, each Ph.D. student must attend ONE of three Fall RCR Orientations (GS710 or GS710A see below).  Beyond the RCR Orientation, each student must fulfill the remaining 6 hours of training by attending general Graduate School RCR Forum events (GS711), or Departmental RCR Forum events (GS712).  The GS711 and GS712 RCR Forum events are generally 2 hours, so students may need to attend at least three (3) RCR Forums (GS711 or GS712). 
Note: The Basic Medical Science students who attend the Beaufort Retreat (GS710A) will be required to attend a mandatory, follow-up RCR training day between Year 3-4 of their program. Details will be announced on our website and communicated by departments in the School of Medicine. It will count as GS713 (beginning in summer 2014). 


Basic Medical Science Track  18 hours total
RCR Orientation - Beaufort Retreat
  12 hours

Graduate School or Dept. RCR Forums
School of Medicine, 4-hour course, Year 3-4

  4 hours

 NOTE:  New RCR Training Course for Basic Medical Science PhDs after Year Three 
             For Basic Medical Science students, the Graduate School and School of Medicine will begin to offer a new, mandatory follow-up RCR Course (GS713) that each Ph.D. student must complete following their third year of Ph.D. studies. This will begin in Summer 2014 as a requirement of those who began the Ph.D. program and attended the Beaufort Retreat in Fall 2011.

Click HERE for a Memo and description regarding the new RCR course for Basic Medical Science Ph.D. students who began in Fall 2011.


Natural Science and Engineering Track  12 hours total
Orientation   6 hours

  6 hours


Humanities and Social Science Track  12 hours total
Orientation   6 hours
Forums   6 hours


NOTE: Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) students (combined M.D./Ph.D. degree) who began their Ph.D program on or after Summer 2003 must complete the 18 hour requirement of basic medical science students to include GS710A: Beaufort Retreat, and additional RCR Forums or training as noted.